Fonts and Graphics Design

Font (fount) in typography generally refers to a complete set of characters of particular size and typeface. For example, Arial or very popular in desktop publishing and graphic design "times new roman" are both fonts. That definion was true in the days when only printing companies used fonts, but since the computer age however the definition changed a bit, now font refers to just typeface. Different fonts and typefaces have number of uses in the publishing, public relations, printing, and advertising industries. A good font choice often makes a difference between a bad ad, or a great ad, a good public relations PR campaign, and a bad one. Font often also tells a story by itself, a "fun" font, shows that a person is youthful, energetic, fun, etc, such font would be great for business catering to younger customers. A plain font often demonstrates sincerity and seriousness, and perhaps experience, such font would be appropriate for older customers or firms wanting to show a "serious" image, such as banks or investment companies.

This page is dedicated to the designer Saul Bass, great artist known for his brilliant title sequences.